I share my experience a lot.  I do this because it is a major league NDE.  It's different than others you may have read.  It's a longer NDE with lots of aspects to it. Me sharing has helped people.  NDE researcher PMH Atwater LHD said that my NDE is "real, valid, and profound." PMH has been researching NDE's for decades and she knows a lot about them.  

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There are many ways to read and/or listen to my near death experience.  I'll be listing them here.  This way you can get the  story any way you like. 

Here is the new audio version of my book "Soul Bared: A Metaphysical Journey" as narrated by Benjamin Dyck.  This is copyrighted material, just like all of the other stuff on this website.


We'll read it to you here:

Soul Bared


You can always read Soul Bared here:

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You can buy Soul Bared here: 



Here are a few podcasts to listen to: 


IANDS Radio with Lee Witting


Jeff Mara Podcast


Let's Talk Near Death with Kirsty Salisbury