Chapter 7: The Spirit City


We started to head back toward Lady Gaia.  I thought we were going back to Gaia, but we went to a place that seemed to be in her shadow.  We were close, close enough that we could see Gaia from there, aura and all.  I wondered how these places not have been seen by someone before.  It looked like there were spirits going to and from Gaia.  They left trails that faded away, sort of like the contrails from the planes we see in our skies.


It was a great city that seemed to be in the clouds. The place seemed like it was another planet but it wasn't, or maybe it was another dimension.


There were these beautiful white buildings as far as I could see.  All of them had wood frames with plants merging themselves to framing.  I saw spirits living there all that had vibration but no real physical human bodies as I knew them on Gaia. They were just like me, light.  These inhabitants went to and from the buildings, going to work and going to play.  They were as diverse as we humans are.  I saw a place where spirits went to get what I think to be water.  There were no vehicles there at all. Spirits there seemed to get around the same way my being and I got around and that was by flying.  It was an extremely busy place.  I wondered what it is they actually do there.


The city had no boundaries that I could see.  This place was full of life of every kind.  There was nature there, many pure plants, trees, and water just like on Gaia but more pure.  Nature there was absolutely perfect.  It was untainted by human manipulation.  I felt an extremely strong positive vibration there.  The place was so very similar to Gaia.  All that was missing were the problems and negativity I felt on Gaia.  I felt that this was what is called heaven in Earth terms.  Guess what?  I could touch things there too!


I saw spirits going to and from Gaia and the city.  I could tell the development of the spirits going to and from by feeling the energy they put out.  I could see that animal souls came to and from Earth just like humans do, and I could feel their feelings as well.


I could see many souls leave Gaia with guides and could see souls returning to Gaia with and without guides.  My guide told me that some of the spirits passing to and from were the ones he mentioned earlier that were doing the work with humans on Gaia.  I could distinguish between the types of spirits that were doing the work from the spirits that were coming to the great city to become replenished and eventually go back to Gaia to experience more and further evolve.  I could feel the emotions of the souls coming back for replenishment.  I could feel that some of them were sad, beaten, and scared, much like I felt before my being came to me.  I felt many others that were returning to this wonderful home full of love and light and positive energy.


My guide took me into one of the larger buildings. Inside I saw many spirits working.  They were doing things similar to jobs on Gaia.  I saw a place where there were people who were working

with things ranging from simple paint and paper to things that I could not recognize.  There were also classrooms where souls were learning all about Gaia.  It seemed like what the spirits were doing were more along the lines of what we would consider art here on Earth.  It also seemed to me that what was going on in this place was all about Gaia and firmly connected to her.


When we walked by the spirits that were working, they all looked at me.  I think they were checking me out because of the being I was with.  We went up some stairs and I saw a few spirits that knew me and I recognized them from somewhere.  They greeted me and asked me how I was doing on Gaia and why I was here.  They seemed happy to see me and each gave me advice which unfortunately, I do not remember.  I thought I was going to be given a job like them, but my guide knew I thought that and told me that there was something I needed to do first.  He said I wasn't quite ready.


I was ecstatic! What I thought I was in heaven despite everything I had done during my life on Gaia.  I was experiencing what most people only dream about.  The love I felt there was the same love I felt when I saw the light of the great master Jesus.  I think the place I had wanted to search for on Gaia was really the same place I was in then.  I was searching on Gaia for the feeling I was feeling that very moment.  I had found the feeling that I spent my whole life searching for.  I was truly happy.  I was home and I knew it.  I was fully ready to stay in this place and perform any task I was assigned to do.  I wondered a little that maybe there was some sort of catch involved here.


My guide then took me to another building that seemed more special than the rest.  It was much bigger than the other buildings. The greenest foliage I have ever seen was growing on it, decorating it like a shrine.  Many spirits came and left from this place.  We went inside and saw on one side a set of double doors that glowed with life.  On the other side was a long corridor that led to a large hall. Along the corridor were rooms.  Bob told me that this hall was where souls? records are kept.  The entire inside of the building was decorated with a wood paneling that the being told me was a glowing, "living" wood from the trees that grew at this wonderful place.


He led me to some big double doors and told me to wait on this bench made of the same glowing wood while he went in through the double doors.  As I sat on the bench, I started to remember things about the life I had in Egypt.  I was a young boy living alone on the streets.  I had told a priest a secret I'd overheard in my travels.  I almost became aware of what that secret was but I got interrupted.


My guide came out of the room.  He suggested that I go into the room. He said he would wait for me when I came out and told me to not worry.  He did caution me to ensure that I was truthful with the beings in the room in the event that they asked me questions.  He said they were not judges; rather they were the ones who evaluated a soul's development based on a soul's

recorded history.  The records were the same ones stored in the same building.


He told me to remember who I was and to refrain from fear.  I knew I had to leave this being sooner or later but I was glad that he would wait for me.  I was a bit scared to leave him, but I felt protected and knew in my heart that I would be protected here.


I gathered myself together, grasped one of the golden knobs, and walked through those doors.