Chapter 5: Traveling the Planes of Existence


I don't know why I chose the pyramids, but they were my first thought so I went with it.  I saw the pyramids as they were in 1979 as well as how they were in the ancient times.  When I saw them, I saw them from each point of view separately, then I saw spirit people from both eras coexisting together. I asked how it could be that the past and present could be together as one and was told that the life on the planet worked that way in order to be in harmony with itself.  It's just how it is.  What I was seeing were the energies of different dimensions and what I was shown was how they interact.


I saw how the choices of the past help determine the options for the choices of the present.  I also saw how the choices made in the present potentially affect what will occur in the future.  The beings I saw from the past would make their choices and the beings in the present would see the options for their choices based on what the beings in the past had chosen.


I understood that I was once a part of the past that I was seeing and felt that my existence as a human this time was directly related directly to something I had done in that particular past life.  I played the role of a bad guy and did something that killed a bunch of people.  I don't remember exactly what that was and I'll explain why later as well.

 My current life's mission was somehow related to the decision I made then. My guess is this time that I'm a good guy and need to be really good to right the wrongs I am responsible for.

The past and current eras rivaled each other in beauty and from the point of view I had then, the harmony of the choices I observed made perfect sense to me.  The pyramids were white and the city there was flourishing in the ancient view.? The other view was a modern city.


While we were there, I was told some things about the pyramids and Egypt I do not fully remember now.  I do not remember the specifics but the subject pertained to the energy of the planet and the role the pyramids have played and still can potentially play in it.  There were also facts given about the function of the pyramids and an explanation of why as well as how they were built.


I really do wish I could remember the specifics of what he explained while we were there because I do know they were highly significant and concerned mankind's future.  I think that I might not remember the specifics of this because I might not yet be ready to remember, humanity is not yet ready for me to share them, or that particular memory was taken away somehow.


I had seen and experienced all that I could in Egypt.  My friend explained to me the why and how of things there of which I previously had no idea even existed and wouldn't and couldn't possibly have thought of myself.   After Bob had enlightened the soul "me" of those things, I saw no reason to stay there.  Besides, I still could pick wherever I wanted to go and I wanted to take full advantage of that.  I felt that if there was so much for me to learn from going to but one tiny place on the planet, there was no limit as to what I could see and learn now.

 We left Egypt and proceeded toward the southwest United States.  We flew there slowly because I wanted to see the sights along the way.  I wanted to see this entire planet with the vision I had then.  On the way I saw the countries of the Far East and the Pacific Ocean.  As we flew I could see the energies of the countries we passed.  I saw that if the area we were near had large cities, the energy was less in intensity from a natural standpoint than it was in the undeveloped areas.


I felt and saw great energies as we flew above the Pacific Ocean as well.  I was told that the oceans were where the energies of the planet were the most natural in essence.  There were only a few select places on the land with energy that rivaled that in the oceans.  The reason given for that was that humans have not yet affected the energies in those places as they have on the rest of the landmasses.  These were very special places, and there were not many of them.  They had to do with the planet's purest energies.


It seemed to me that the choices made by humans had a direct correlation with the energies of entire planet.  If humans lived in an area, the energy there was definitely not the same as the natural areas.

The energies I saw in the cities of eastern countries like India, Tibet, the Middle East and Africa were higher in level than those I eventually saw in the United States.  The reason given was that groups of people in those countries were more in tune with the energies of the planet and the universe than groups in the United States.  It seemed that the more the development, the more negative energy.  The energies of the United States were definitely different.  Night was falling in the southwest US when we arrived in the area.  I could see clearly the energies emanating from everything I could see, especially the plant and animal life.  In keeping with everything I had seen thus far, the energy was strongest in the areas of the land that had the least amount of humans.  It was cool to see the lights from the cities.  I felt a strange attraction to the moon too.   It looked even prettier than it normally does, if that's possible.


I was shown souls who had higher energy levels and some of them actually talked to the being I was with.  Those entities were the higher level beings that worked in the cities and at the special energy places of the world.  Some of them were just like my friend and others were more like me.  The ones like him were very high in vibration and the ones like me were lower in vibration, but I could see that it was because they were still attached to their physical bodies in the same manner as I was.  The difference between those who had a physical body and those who didn't was readily apparent due to the intensity of their vibration.  Physical bodies had less energy; souls in spirit have more.


During the whole time the being and I spent on the planet Earth, I also saw dark souls.  The dark souls were earthbound spirits who refuse to go to the Light.  The Light is a sort of porthole that souls can go to if they choose, but for them to choose it, they would have to acknowledge it was there and make a conscious decision within themselves to go to it.  If they can't or won't do it, they remain on the earth and wander aimlessly or stay stranded wherever they are.  Over time, they forget everything and the opportunity to go to the Light fades for them. I myself saw no Light.


Yes, ghosts do exist.  They are all around us.  I have seen them.


The dark souls usually prey on the energies of humans still in human form and try to use those souls to prevent the evolution of spirit or to satisfy their own desires.  If the dark souls understand about what the light is all about they might make a conscious decision not to go to the light.  They sometimes attempt to influence other wayward souls and humans who do not understand the light and keep them from it too.


I understood I was and would always be protected from these dark ones as long as I chose to focus on the love in me.  I was told that I eventually I could assist the dark souls to the Light if I were to show myself to be the essence of the Light.  I understood that essence to be Love.  The dark ones didn't even try to affect either Bob or me. In fact, they gave us nasty looks and went away.  Their energies were dark and dull colors like browns and blacks and reds.


I was thankful that I had Bob to teach me about these things.  I was told I would know these dark ones when I see them and I could alert them to the fact that they can go to the Light just by being loving and kind to them without placing conditions on the love that I send to them.


I could see energy around the humans too, all different levels and colors.  My light being explained the human energy to me.  He said that the energy coming from humans is what spirits like him utilize to evaluate their spiritual condition and intent.  Humans produce and manipulate their energy through their interactions with the environment around them as well as their intent.  This energy is a tool that assists spirit to evaluate the spiritual condition of the souls that had left their human bodies and then determine the best way to help them to the Light.


My light being said the more brilliant the color, the higher the vibration is.  He said that seeing the "aura" around a spirit is very useful in determining how much help a particular spirit needs to work on his development.    He said the beings of higher vibration know where to go and what to do to help humans and earthbound souls so they may advance themselves if they so choose.  He told me that all souls have this energy; this is why I could see it on every human I saw.  The energy of the aura of a human is what links it to the planet.  Its absence from the body results in what we humans think to be death.


He said that I was of the same energy type as he is but my vibration is lower when I inhabit human form and that in time my energy would raise to match his intensity provided I chose to take the initiative to consciously evolve my soul in a positive way.  He told me that to evolve my soul I would need to choose to practice love and kindness to all things and learn to live in harmony with the planet and my human body.  It seemed simple enough and I thought I should try.  I never really tried to do it before.


He talked some more about of the dark souls who would attempt to influence my evolution and said that I would know them by gauging their intent as well.  If what they said or did detracted from the harmony of the planet or the universe in any way, they would be harnessing the negative spectrum of the energy of the universe.  If their intent were only for the good of them or negative in nature, those are good guidelines to use if I should believe what they might try to tell me.  He said if I wished to choose the negative type of intent I was free to do so, but again by universal law I would have to face the effects of what I choose.  Basically I have free will that allows me to choose my own destiny


The negative energy was originally meant to be a tool to enhance the evolution of souls, but over time humans have overused and abused that gift. Positive and negative energies properly balanced were the intent of the original makeup of the energies. The concept of this worked well on the planet until human free will choices tipped the scales on the equation.


He told me that there is much to this planet that spirits can see which humans do not see with their eyes because their vibrations are so low.  He showed me life in the trees and inside the earth that I could see as a spirit but could not see in my human form.  I remembered the beings I saw in the beginning of my experience and asked him if they were part of the life he was speaking of. He told me that I was correct in my thinking.


He explained that those beings of higher vibration do live on Earth but they are not human - they are part of Earth itself.  He explained these beings were the caretakers of physical life of the planet.  Bob said that these beings take care of what we call nature.  They take care of the plant life, the mineral life, and the waterborne life.  These plant spirits work together to ensure that all aspects of nature are protected and remain healthy.  While the planet evolves, these ethereal beings are the physical caretakers of the balance and essence of nature.


Bob explained to me that the planet that we call Earth really has a proper name in the universe, just as he and I do.  He told me the Earth is really called "Gaia."  He said Gaia has its own energy and that Gaia is really a true living being. She is one of the more significant entities of the universe.  She is a beautiful lady of abundance!   I asked if her energy could be seen like the energies I had been seeing and he said that we have to move away from Gaia a bit to see and appreciate her completely.


He said humans are the ones who manipulate Gaia's energy through their choices.  He said if humans choose to live in harmony with the energy on Gaia, it is good for Gaia and enhances Gaia's energy. He said if humans abuse Gaia by not observing the harmonic balance of nature, this hurts Gaia because it alters Gaia's true energy structure in negative ways and cause serious damage to it.  

I was given an example of how humans have deforested the planet and reduced the energy available faster than it could be replenish itself through the process of nature. What I saw were the energies of the land of the Pacific Northwest.  The contrast between the areas where the trees were removed and where they remained was clearly evident to me.  My friend explained to me

Gaia was very strong indeed, but has been weakened considerably since humans have chosen to use resources like trees and minerals in a manner that is inconsistent with the laws of the universe.  The idea is to use the resources as Gaia produces them and leave to Gaia what she needs to continue to produce. Once the base energy structure is altered on Gaia, this causes Gaia to alter the harmony in the rest of universe as well.


All of that made sense to me because I knew that I in essence was doing the same thing to my own body when I abused substances.  Not only was I hurting me, I was hurting everyone else as well through my own choices.  When using substances I was altering the energies I emitted.  That same principle applied to my thoughts. If I was fearful or angry, the energies I put out carried to whatever was around me and bred more of the same energy dependent on the subsequent choices made by those who my energy affected.


I asked Bob if we could go into space and see Gaia's energy and he said yes.  He said there were no limits on where we could go.  I concentrated my thought, trusted, and we then went into what is known as space.  I didn't hesitate at all!


Away from this planet, I could see Gaia all at once. It was so beautiful.  I could see the aura around Gaia and it wasn't the atmosphere - it was bigger.  That aura affected me greatly.  The effect on me was like seeing the birth of my children! It was mostly blue, surrounded with a lot of bright white, but it was the most brilliant blue I have yet to see.  It would have been still more beautiful were it not for the destruction humans have dealt since they came to Gaia.


I felt a deep love for this beautiful place.  I could hear the lady move and was told the sound was the energy flowing in and out of her.  It reminded me of the song I heard my body playing when I first remember being in the chair in the house. Of course, it was much grander in scale.


My special being told me that Gaia is most unique because it is designed for humans to live on forever.  It was created for spirit to play, learn, and grow.  He said the balance of nature on Gaia is what allows spirit to be in human form.  If that human form lives in harmony with nature, it has more fun, learns more, and grows more than if it chose to not to observe the harmonic balance.


The nature also exists on Gaia to compensate for the decreased vibration required for a human to maintain a physical presence.  Nature was created for spirits so they could adapt enough to adjust and be in the physical human body while still having access to energies of the universe and each other which will help both.  Bob explained that humans and the planet were designed by the creator to live on Gaia for eternity.

 He said that "dying" is a human-created Earth term that means little in the world of spirit.  The reason humans die is partly because they have fallen away from the balance of nature and are thus inevitably affected by what they choose to create that violates the natural laws of the universe.  The other part is how souls evolve.  He said that humans have fallen away from living in balance with nature and each other and because of that have shortened the time available for them to be in a physical form like I was.


That discussion made me wonder how humans came to be on Gaia in the first place.  My special friend told me that I was first given my gift of an existence on Gaia around the time when Gaia first had humans on it.  I asked him what Gaia was like then and all of a sudden I was on Gaia again.  I was in a tropical type area.  Everything was so perfect and warm and felt so right.  I remember waking up hungry, then standing up and walking, going to explore.  I was surrounded by only nature and awesome, positive energies.


No sooner than I felt that I wanted to stay there forever I was back in space again and continuing my journey.  Bob explained some things about where I went that time. I wish I could remember the details about what he told me, and I suppose I will remember when I am ready.  I think I may have gotten a bit too inquisitive at that point! I will say that I believe that I was given either a glimpse of ancient past, or maybe a feeling of what the Gaia of the future may feel like.  Either way, it was very inspiring to me and I would not mind feeling that feeling again sometime!


He said again that humans must remember about the harmonic balance if they want to survive as a race and live eternally on Gaia.  I asked if that meant that we would eventually transcend death and become what we term as immortal in the way he said was originally intended for us. I was given "no" as an answer.  Bob said no, we are already immortal because we have souls that never die.  He said it was still possible for humans to learn about this harmony and that it is the next overall goal that the humans on Gaia will eventually attain.  How long it would take depends on the choices humans make as individuals, and as a whole.  It's all up to us.


I was told that humans would eventually realize they must restore the harmony but great damage will be inflicted before humans fully realize what they have been doing to Gaia and choose to work to reverse it.  The damage inflicted will be to humans, as well as to Gaia itself.


The cause and effect of the individual choices made by each human in a collective sense is what will determine the outcome.  I was told that I could contribute to the eventual restoration of the harmony by ensuring that my thought, word, and deed are designed by my intent to provide a positive outcome for everyone.


All of what Bob said made sense to me. I could see how my thoughts matter to the collective scheme of things.  As I watched Gaia, I reflected on what I was feeling, hearing and seeing. As I thought about what I was being shown, I thought I'd ask about the other parts of the universe that my thoughts and deeds affected.


I looked toward the moon, thought about it, and suddenly we were there.  I saw very little of the energies from on Gaia there and I asked why the moon was so different.  He joked that one of the moon's functions is to provide a rest stop for travelers like us!  However, the moon's main function is to serve Gaia by helping Gaia to stay aligned with the rest of the universe.  The moon assists Gaia to harness the energies in the universe that enables it to support itself and produce its unique nature.  When Gaia produces nature, it returns the energies it used from the universe.  The moon is a type of governor for the energies. It keeps Gaia from being overwhelmed by them.  It also serves as a type of conduit that services the transference of energy from Gaia to the rest of the universe.


Of course, those made me think of all of the other planets in our solar system.  I wondered about the stars too. If Gaia and the moon were so connected, where would the other planets and stars fit into all of this?  No sooner than I thought of those things, we were traveling toward the other planets and stars at a totally immeasurable speed.