Chapter 4: The Light Being

For some reason, I glanced over to the door leading to the outside and saw this extremely beautiful being just over there, floating exactly the same way I was floating.  His feet didn't touch the floor either.  They just blended in to thin air, like my own feet did.  He had some sort of robe on that was light in color, a sort of off-white.  His hair was a light brown, very curly, somewhat long, and it shimmered around him as he floated.  His face was very pleasant to see.  He looked female, male and young like me. His gender was really inconclusive.  If I perceived him to be male, he appeared to seem more male in appearance.  If I chose to perceive him to be female, he appeared to be more female.  From either point of view there was no way for me to decide this thing?s sex at all.   At that point, gender wasn't all that important to me anyway.  The being was here when nobody else was there.  He was all I had at the moment.  The Doors began to fade away.


He was about my size.  There was a shimmering glow about him too.  The glow was green close to him, then blue, then pure white in the upper areas.  He looked so awesome!  He spoke to me.  He said, "I am here to help you" but when he spoke his mouth didn't move.  I didn't actually hear him speak.  I felt what he was saying and there was no doubt in my mind that he was talking directly to me.


As I looked at this beautiful being and felt it speaking to me, my fears faded away.  The music by then had faded completely away.  I actually felt peace and comfort like I never felt before.  I thought that maybe this was the peace I was searching for my entire life.  This feeling of peace started to become strangely familiar to me, like I had felt it before but not in this life.  I thought that maybe this being was God.  He knew I thought that, smiled an affectionate smile, and said, "No, I am not God."  I was amazed he knew what I was thinking and figured that this is how we were going to communicate.


This wonderful being then called me by a name I really wish I would remember.  I told him he must have the wrong guy and that the name he used for me wasn't my name.  He said I had just forgotten who I am.


This being told me his name, but I don't remember it and I'll explain why later.  For now I'll call him Bob, just to give him a name.  He told me that he had always been with me and told me that he knew that I had a very hard life and that he would help me understand why that was so, if I really wanted to know.  He told me he would help me remember who I really am.  He said he would understand if I didn't believe him and then offered to prove to me that he knew everything about me.


Bob told me things that I did when I was a child that proved to me that he was always with me.  He told me about things I had only thought about and never expressed to anyone.  Basically, he told me my deepest and darkest secrets.  He provided some examples of what caused me to become so depressed and angry so early in my life.  He showed me why I became the way I am.  He told me what I thought of and how I felt when I when I went to bed at the ages of two and three.  He knew all of my personal stuff, for sure.

 He then offered that I was someone from history whose name I did recognize at the time and that I had returned to physical form this time to complete what I had started back then.  He said that he would help me to remember who I am.  Bob said that "David Oakford" was my name in this physical existence only.  He explained that I am someone else in spirit and that I would eventually combine both David and my spirit self with each other in a nice harmonic balance.  I would eventually combine of the best qualities of both of those aspects of myself in this lifetime if I should choose to apply myself in a manner that would create the harmony within me.  He said it was entirely my free choice and my task and if I chose not to apply myself in that manner it would be OK.  There would be consequences either way.


He said that I was one of the very first of my kind on the planet.  I carry a special part in me that would help populate the planet with people who would help their fellow humans and the planet to restore their harmony with the universe.  I didn't fully agree that this planet needs something or someone to help it along.  I feel the special part that he mentioned is either my DNA or the love which lives in my heart and my DNA.

I liked talking telepathically.  His language was very eloquent and sometimes difficult to understand; however, he understood me perfectly and I could understand enough of the main points he made.  The expression on his face was a happy one all the time and when he spoke to me he did so in a manner that was positive, assertive, and nurturing in tone.  He did not criticize me or my family at all.  I don't remember anything he said which I could possibly construe as negative in nature.


I remembered the church talking about Satan and hell.  They say hell is a place that is essentially a lake of fire and Satan can disguise himself in order to deceive you into going there.  Bob told me that hell and Satan are none of my concern.  He said I was a positive light being and I should look at other entities by examining their intent.  If their intent benefits only them or is negative toward others, I might not want to interact with them.  Bob was always positive.  I could see his intent was positive.


He told me I could travel with him to anywhere I wanted to go and he would show me how to do it if I wanted him to.  He said if I felt the need to come back at any time to see my body at any time, I could do that.  I was skeptical.  I guess he felt my concern about my body and me separating.  He explained that my body would be fine because I had a spiritual cord connected to it somehow and would stay connected until I made my own free choice to disconnect myself from it.

I was faced with deciding where I wanted to go.  For sure, I wanted to leave that house and my childhood neighborhood, but I had difficulty deciding where I wanted to go.  Although I somewhat trusted this being, I still doubted whether what he was telling me was true.  Eventually I figured that since this being was with me, I chose to give him the benefit of that doubt.  After all, he came as a result of me asking the God of my heart to help me and I felt it might not be a good idea to question what I was given too much.  What else did I have to do anyway?


I thought that it might be fun to see the Seven Wonders of the World.  I thought that I might have chosen something more profound given the wide-ranging option I was given, but the Seven Wonders were what I thought of first and in retrospect, I feel I chose as wisely as I possibly could at the time.


Bob laughed and then proceeded to explain to me that there are different types of wonders: natural and ones built by humans.  Many of them have been destroyed.  He said he would show me two, Egypt and the Southwest USA.  I had already seen and felt the Grand Canyon as a boy but he said if I still wanted to go to there again it would be fine.  See Egypt and the Grand Canyon?  Hell yes! I was going to go!


He told me that all I had to do was trust him, think about where I wanted to go, and we would go.  I thought about the pyramids, trusted my guide and we arrived in Egypt in an instant!  It was like we got there in merely the scant time it takes to think a thought!