Chapter 12: Today


Here I sit, decades later.  Life for me came off the same way I understood it would.  I did get married. I did have employment, money, and marriage problems and all of them happened the way they were supposed to happen, despite my attempts to change them to what I thought was my liking.  This life has for certain been a growing experience for me.  I eventually overcame my depression and grew the confidence to share this story, but it sure took a long time.  During that time a lot of darkness occurred over my life's path.  I do understand though that it has been time well spent, and I appreciate the hard trials I have had in my life.  I feel I am stronger for having them and I accept them.


The universe has provided me with reminders of the experience over the years.  I remember reading Betty J. Eadie's "Embraced By the Light" in 1992.  Reading her story provided me confirmation that what happened to me in 1979 was indeed for real and very special.  It helped give me the confidence to tell my story to others then.  It inspired me to begin to live my life according to the insights I learned from my experience.  I appreciate Mrs. Eadie for sharing her experience and touching the many souls I know she has touched.


The next reminder the universe left for me was a book called "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield.  As soon as I began to read it, the metaphysical concepts presented in the book persuaded me to evaluate myself from the viewpoint of what I was doing with my energies.  It even had information about auras and how they work.  The book confirmed many of the insights my experience contained concerning the interaction of energies between humans.  It prompted me to explore more in the metaphysical areas of bookstores. I discovered a host of published works that provided even more confirmation about other insights presented to me long ago.  Eventually, the more I explored, the more I felt an urge to share my story with others. Eventually I began frequenting the AOL Metaphysics chat-rooms.  From those humble beginnings, "Soul Bared" came about.


I see the worldwide web as an extremely valuable tool to learn about concepts metaphysical in nature and anything else one might care to learn about.  Use Google, ask questions.  I'm not a scholar of metaphysics by any means, but I do offer that the web does provide a wealth of information that rings true to me.  It probably has much more information on spiritual matters that I can possibly learn in one life.  Books are another way to learn more, as they always have been.  It's not a bad deal to go retro.  I'm reasonably sure that what I have learned from the experience is most likely already recorded somewhere (in my soul record) and I take great delight when I see something I find that rings true to me.


I feel that my heart is fully capable of determining whether or not I should believe what I read.  I also know that the universe will guide me to what I need to know, naturally, provided I make a conscious effort to follow my intuition and transmit and receive positive vibration.


I really dislike saying that I went on this wonderful trip and only brought back the simple message of loving one another, but I have to call it as I see it.  I feel that one simple philosophy has great merit and is the master key to all that is.  It really isn't hard to do.  I think about this world today and see the immense impact that even one seemingly tiny decision to send someone a kind thought or smile or deed can make.  Everyone can smile.


If an incentive to be loving and kind to others is really needed, it is nice know that each act of kindness is recorded and will eventually be re-experienced much later on.  It doesn't matter if the act is one that promotes a smile from one person to another or if it is one country helping another to live in harmony with the planet.  To me, the concept is the same really and all of it counts the same.  Sure, one can always decide to harness the opposite of being loving and kind due to free will and all, but the universe has rules regulating the outcome of that choice, rules which I feel make sense. One of the rules is that as positive as positive gets, negative reciprocates in kind. I see the justice in that principle and feel comfortable knowing that type of structure exists in the universe itself.


For me, the choice for either positive or negative is always present.  I feel one of the greatest gifts given to humans is choice.  The day I remembered that I do have a choice about what I wish to contribute to the planet and humanity was one of my favorite days in this particular lifetime on this planet!  It signaled a new beginning of a shift in thought for me, one that focused on using my feelings with the intent of promoting positive vibration on the planet.


I have been reflecting on what happened to me and have been trying to make sense of it all.  I feel that the main focus of the whole experience concerns how I interact with other humans and with Gaia.  I learned in my experience that Gaia is a living, breathing being.  We need to give her a break and stop ruining her.  She has feelings.  Because she is strong, she adjusts herself when she needs to and might just fight back.  I know every thought and deed I choose affects her.  If I am negative, the negativity manifests itself in her just as easily as it would if I subjected another human to the same negativity.  I know positive thoughts and deeds work the same way.


I know I'm not perfect.  I understand there will be times when I will contribute negative vibration to the universe in the course of my learning.  I feel Jesus and any other of the great masters would be OK with it so long as I balance it with positive.  I know they understand how all of my choices help my soul grow. The masters are smart.   A goal I strive to reach is to learn what I need to learn and make sure I clean up any messes I might make in the course of my growth and development.  Hopefully, I will contribute more positive than negative, or at least try to travel the middle road. 


I'm glad to have had the opportunity to place my story out in the open because I feel better about it now. It's my hope that those who have read this story take with them something they can use in their lives, something that will inspire them to love one another and make positive vibration.  We can do this. We have to.